Welcome to Karisma

Feeling beautiful in my own skin has been a long time coming, but let me tell you, I finally got there and Karisma skincare products are a result of my journey. In the pursuit of helping myself and others achieve flawless, healthy and absolutely glowing skin, I have devoted myself to formulating 100% transparent, clean and effective skin care products that WORK!

I have spent long hours and late nights dedicated to the science of customizing, crafting and perfecting formulas. I have rebelliously pushed the envelope of the industry, my team (sorry) and myself, rigorously scrutinizing every single ingredient to ensure the highest standard of CLEAN products that heal, repair, rejuvenate and actually DO what they say.

The whole process has been a labor of love and deep commitment and means so much to me that I made it my fulltime job to make sure we all feel beautiful in our own skin.


Our Mission

We are committed to formulating clean, honest, premium and pure skin care products with the highest quality ingredients that deliver promised results.  We are dedicated to creating age defying skin care that repairs, nourishes and heals, revealing your own natural, healthy, luminous skin and lets your own beauty shine through.

Our Promises



Integrity means everything to us and so does your trust. We won’t mislead you with false promises. Every ingredient in every product is there to perform, no fillers. We stand by our word that you will get the promised results.



We take pride in sourcing only the highest quality organic and natural ingredients for our formulations. We are transparent and honest. You will know exactly what is in your product and how it will work for you.



If you don’t love your Karisma product return it for a full refund within 14 days after receipt.

Briana R.

I'M SO IN LOVE with my face oil its completely turned my skin around! Pigmentation, fine lines overall clarity. I’m in love!!!


I've had oily skin all my life and was afraid to put oil on my face at first. Now I'm ADDICTED to it! My skin has never looked better. These products are now a part of my daily regimen. Thank you!

Lisa S.

I'm HOOKED for life!


Hands Down the BEST PRODUCT I have ever used. Thank you !!!!!!!!


A family member handed me a sample of this AMAZING Product. I was struck by the FRESH, CLEAN SMELL! I love how quickly this oil absorbs into my skin and does not sit on top of my skin.  Vitamin C helps even out my skin tone and gives a smooth finish. Kudos on creating...

Christina S.

LISA!  Something about your oil over that serum that LITERALLY feels/looks like it instantly lifts my face!!!!  I AM NOT KIDDING...there is something to that combo. I have used/tried EVERYTHING out there, including med spa stuff, machines, etc.  Short of a laser (so...


I am so excited to have discovered this MAGICAL skin serum. My skin is incredibly sensitive in nature, I have hormonal breakouts throughout the month, my skin becomes easily congestion, and I am prone to redness flare-ups. I also have acne scarring from using Accutane...

Olivia, 20

For the past 3 years, I have experienced chronic acne that has been aggressive and extremely hard to cure. After finally seeing a dermatologist and being prescribed an oral medication my acne began to go away but caused my skin to experience severe dryness that no...

Sharla B, Aesthetician

Lisa has created such a beautiful Serum. I have watched her journey and she painstakingly formulated and reformulated to create a product of such integrity and purity. The benefits are BEYOND ABUNDANT. I don’t think there is anything on the market quite like it. And...


As an Aesthetician, I see many products that contain cheap ineffective ingredients. Karisma is not like those. It is such an EFFECTIVE and beautiful serum that soothed my skin so easily.

Kim Cunningham

The first time I tried Karisma, I loved the feel of the product on my skin.  The oil is the perfect texture and the perfect scent. It was NOT overpowering in any way.  When I went in to say goodnight to my daughter, she asked, "what's on your skin? I love the way it...

Cynthia B.

My skin was so ravaged by the dry winds and heat of the California Wildfires it was unrecognizable- thin, lined, hot, dry, red and peeling in sensitive areas. I had angry breakouts on my chin from stress and breathing toxins for weeks. Karisma QUENCHED my skin’s...

Cody, 31, NY

This product is TRULY AMAZING. My skin has never felt so refreshed. I was stopped on the street multiple times due to the glow of my skin and it truly revives your youth!!! I swear by this product and can’t wait for my next bottle and more products to come!!!

Sarah R

Lisa has created EXTRAORDINARY products…made in Malibu and is a fabulous oil. It is a gorgeous smelling face oil, it is incredibly moisturizing, uplifting and beautiful.

Emily, Chakline CrossFit Owner

I LOVE these products! ! I am a hard customer to please when it comes to skin care. I only use NATURAL products and refuse to put anything on my skin (or in my body) that is filled with harsh or harmful chemicals. I also happen to be very sensitive to products with...

Wendy Both, Model | Reiki Master | Intuitive Healer

After using Radiant only a few days, it IMPROVED my skin in so many ways. My face is SOFTER, my wrinkles are must less noticeable, and no extra shine or breakouts. It is great looking skin without harmful chemicals. LOVE THE WAY IT FEELS AND SMELLS. I have gotten so...

Loree, 54

This is my new secret weapon for HEALTHY, RADIANT SKIN -- as the name implies!  I'm a face oil convert for over a year now...and I can honestly say, look no further than Radiant for the perfect face oil for all skin types.  I've tried many, and none leave my skin...

Samantha Del Gotto

I LOVE YOUR products!!! ...

Lisa Stalvey Coady

OMG! I am truly BLOWN AWAY at how amazing these oils are! The first one I tried was the oil for the face. The combination of scents is PERFECT and it made my face feel like velvet.  I’m totally addicted and then I smelled the body oil. No words as to how subtle yet...

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