You see them more and more. Skincare founder’s spearheading their own company -not just with strategies and bottom line, but leading by example as the face, heart and soul of their brand. Their personal experiences, stories and heartfelt messages splashed on the home page. This is not just a little trend either – these companies are striking a chord with consumers because of the high quality and performance of the products.

I have learned, through my deep dive into the skin care world’s greatest brands and newcomers, with countless hours and cups of coffee researching, studying and investigating, what goes into making the absolutely best products – and let me tell you, these founder based companies are where it’s at.

Here’s why:

1. They won’t compromise on the quality and integrity of their products– they don’t spend the big dollars on slick advertising. Founder’s missions are personal not based on the bottom line. Founders focus their time and money on the quality of their ingredients, product performance and making sure they deliver promised results.

2. Founders are personally invested – it’s their story, their cause, it matter’s to them. They have been involved in every step of the process and are on a mission, driven to make a real difference. They craft their products to solve problems and deliver trustworthy skincare products. They had skin problems, could not find solutions using existing products in the marketplace so they created their own. Founders genuinely care. Their company is a passion project.

3. Humanized customer service – Every customer is a person. Not a dollar sign. They value close connections with their customer’s. They respond to their needs, likes, dislikes, what works and what doesn’t. It brings joy to the hearts of founders when customers respond to the product they have created. They make great efforts to ensure every customer is satisfied and keep their finger on the pulse of what is wanted and needed in the market. Founders bend over backwards to keep customers happy and loyal. They know the value and power of word of mouth – because that’s how many of them started.

4. Integrity – there is a saying ‘high volume hides mortal sins’. Smaller founder-based companies can’t hide behind the curtains of large budget blitz marketing campaigns, paid celebrity endorsements and mass production. Founders will not tolerate short cuts, fillers or cheap ingredients. Many, if not most large companies with fancy names, resort to cheap and even toxic ingredients to make formulating easier and increased profit margins.

5. Their own money and reputation is at stake – founders invest more than their time. They pour integrity, personal reputation and often times every last cent they have into making products that work. They believe in what they’re doing – they are personally and financially invested.

The next time you go to buy a new product to elevate your skin care routine – check out some of my favorite founder based companies. You won’t be disappointed.

Here are a few of my favorite founder-based companies;


Le Mieux:

and of course, Karisma Skincare;

If you have any you like please share!