First, let’s not get charisma mixed up with charm.  Charm comes from a deliberate attempt to get someone to like you, warm up to you – by using wit, manners, compliments to win someone over.  It’s a skill.

Whereas charisma – comes from your being, your energy, your presence –and it draws people to you.

Some of the qualities associated with charisma are; confidence, exuberance, optimism, vulnerability, expressiveness, friendly, passionate, empathetic, being present, generous, humble.

Charismatic people are captivatingly full of grace.

Here is what Charisma or in our case “Karisma” means to me:

Charisma is all the above, but it goes much deeper, and it’s powerful.  It expresses how we move through the world in relation to the connection we have with our purest self.  It’s about being connected to our hearts, our truth and expressing ourselves from there.

This deep connection to ourselves influences how we see ourselves, how we view the world around us, how we treat others. This state is reflected in the energy we give off when we walk into a room. It’s our presence.  It made us special, unique and most of all comfortable in our own skin.

This is why I chose Karisma to be the namesake of my company.  The most important connection we can have is the connection between our hearts and minds.  The greatest relationship we will ever have is the relationship we have with ourselves. It’s about how we treat ourselves – self-care, self-love, self-respect, self-worth.  The source of my passion for Karisma comes straight from my heart with the hope my products help you feel comfortable in your own skin.

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