I am so excited to have discovered this MAGICAL skin serum. My skin is incredibly sensitive in nature, I have hormonal breakouts throughout the month, my skin becomes easily congestion, and I am prone to redness flare-ups. I also have acne scarring from using Accutane in my early 20’s. Within a few days of using this product, I noticed a shift in my skin health and realized this product was the missing link in my skincare routine around moisturizing. After a few weeks of regular use, my skin is SOFTER and more HYDRATED without feeling greasy and also maintaining a natural glow. I barely have any redness which also improves the appearance of my acne scarring. My breakouts have reduced drastically and there’s no sign of blackheads. My skin is more plump, the tone is no longer dull and I am even noticing a shift in my fine lines by my eyes and on my forehead. I thought I had tried everything and was resigned to having “finicky sensitive skin” and now I am on the other side and loving the progress it has made. I can’t wait to see where I’ll be in another few weeks.