My skin was so ravaged by the dry winds and heat of the California Wildfires it was unrecognizable- thin, lined, hot, dry, red and peeling in sensitive areas. I had angry breakouts on my chin from stress and breathing toxins for weeks. Karisma QUENCHED my skin’s dryness and calmed the redness down almost immediately!  The lines disappeared, my breakouts recessed and healed without scarring and a firm, glowing me returned! The soothing, healing properties of the organic oils were the best medicine for my face and décolletage. There are no overwhelming perfumes or heavy fragrance – the soothing, clean, natural scent comes only from the ancient pure oils of Frankincense and Lavender.  And Karisma is CRUELTY- FREE, no animal testing, organic, environment-friendly inks and bottles – I’m in love!

Cynthia B.