You see it everywhere. Pain reliever, stress reducer, anxiety buster, sleep enhancer, muscle relaxer – and now skincare wonder. CBD is all the rage.  The hottest miracle ingredient in skin care, being added to many of our favorite products. It’s touted to have a vast array of benefits from anti-aging, anti-inflammatory, oil reduction to moisturizing, healing, and treating skin conditions like eczema, psoriasis and even skin cancer.

But does CBD really work?  Does it improve our skin care issues or is it just hype?

When researching the best, highest quality and most effective ingredients for Karisma Skincare, I took a deep dive into anything and everything that claimed to have active ingredients, especially for problem skin – and of course I couldn’t wait to get my hands on CBD and see for myself if it stands up to all the glory.

Here’s what I found – it’s simple:  My experimentation with the highest quality full spectrum natural, third-party inspected and certificated versions of CBD has led me to the opinion that it does not have any visible effects on the skin, even for inflammation or acne-prone skin as claimed in many CBD products. I personally formulated and tested, on friends with inflammation or redness and their pimply, acne suffering teenagers, over and over again, using different elixirs with varying percentages of CBD and there was absolutely no difference reported from anyone.

This is not to say there aren’t some benefits to CBD or quite possibly the rare person who sees a difference in their problem skin.

But for now, CBD did not make the cut for supporting it’s claims and doing what it says it does – that’s a big deal at Karisma Skincare.  We stand by our products and their claims because our products do what they say they do – we make absolutely sure of it.

If you are at all still interested in CBD and want to try for yourself, here’s a guide I like to help you choose the real deal.